It was comfortable to talk with her, she was welcoming and it was like you were talking with a friend. She talked about the reading in a way that made it feel special and all about you


I have had the privilege of witnessing Lisa grow into her astrology practice over the past 20 years. She is honest and kind with the information she shares. She can explain charts in layman’s terms and does so in a respectful manner to bring forth new insight and calm. My Solar Return reading for the past 10 years has helped me map out my Being.

Thoughtful, respectful, honest… Lisa is a gifted Astrology reader with intuitive insight. She brings calm into her space with you.


Lisa is amazing with all her gifts. I have worked with Lisa as a LMT, through other body work, Astrology and Tarot. She is tuned in to the highest good of her clients and feel the care she gives in each session. Highly recommended!