Upcoming Event

Tuesday Market: May 7th – October 29th (Every Tuesday 10 am – 3 pm)
Saturday Market: April 6th – September 7th (Every Saturday 10 am – 4 pm)

Past Events

I invite you to join me in the exciting journey of self-discovery at one of the local events below.

About class

Learn the 12 zodiac signs and the basics of each sign-including order, element and season, using your own birth chart. Delve deeper by sign–exploring motivations, strengths, blindspots and potentials to begin applying astrology insights to your life. Join astrologer and intuitive, Lisa DiLuna for this fun and exciting new class.


Upcoming Event

Join professional reader, Lisa DiLuna for fun, interactive Mini Readings for you. She will look at your astrology chart and briefly talk about your sun sign and location. And she will pull one tarot card for you and give a personal interpretation. Full birth time and location will be requested when you enroll. 8 participants max.

This is a free community event.

Eugene Saturday Market 10am – 5pm
Every Saturday. April 2 – December 17
Park Blocks, 8th and Oak

Eugene Tuesday Market 10am – 3pm
Every Tuesday. May 3 – October 25
5th Ave, between High and Oak